Small Engine Exhaust

Aussiespeed has invested a lot of time and tooling to develop and manufacture a range of exhaust header pipes and components to fit a range of small 4 stroke engines.

For the people who are worried about burning there driving suit or arm on the exhaust on the LO206 Briggs there are a few things that can be done to possibly slow down the burn. I have scars from my early days of playing with the Briggs racing engines on both arms as we ran twins. Dont completely wrap your header pipe. Wrapping your header pipe will drastically shorten the life of your header pipe and most likley snap when your out the front with 2 laps to go. You can buy a fibrous thick cloth tapeĀ  that tou run along the life of the top of the pipe. You can either attach it with high quality hose clamps or we use stainless steel cable ties. Dont use plastic cable ties like the one in the photo above. I will get some better photos to show how easy it is to fit. Seriously dont completley wrap your pipe as all you will be doing is making Art at RLV even richer buying new pipes often.

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