Predator 212cc 4 stroke engine.

The 212cc Predator engine is a commercially available 4 stroke engine available for outdoor power equipment. It has been used on Mini Bikes, Gokarts, Drift Trikes and motorised bar stools. Many of the components from other engines can interchange but many purpose built components are also used. While we dont do alot of after market performance parts at this time the Aussiespeed Small Engine range of dress up is available. The engine foot print of the Predator is the same as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Subaru and the Chinese Clone or Honda copy engine. Where many of the other engines are available in 168cc, 196cc, 206cc and 211cc the predator is 212cc


The 212 Predator engine is a large capacity small block type 4 stroke OHV engine.


The Engine base plate position is the same as Honda, Subaru, Clone and Briggs & Stratton Small block engines.

predator-engine specifications

Engine specifications of the predator 211cc engine


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