Local 206 Engine kit-4 Fury


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Briggs & Stratton local 206 4 stroke racing engine.The local 206 has all the good stuff that you want in a race engine. forged crank, reinforced racing block, performance camshaft, high rpm rated flywheel, performance valve springs, pvl electronic ignition, round slide carburettor are just some of the features of this engine.
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This is package includes a complete long motor including
Walbro PZ22 carburettor,
recoil starter
starter cup,
header pipe,
stainless steel muffler,
muffler to header pipe adapter,
exhaust manifold gasket,
header pipe bolts,
1 metre fuel line,
breather extension tube,
cotton washable air cleaner,
Inferno FURY 219 or 35 pitch sprocket USA made drum clutch,
clutch fitting kit,
fuel pump,
Aussiespeed AS0233 engine base plate & bolt kit
Aussiespeed AS0253 Chassis engine mount clamps.

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Briggs Amsoil 4T is the recommended oil for the Animal engine. No oil is included in this engine package
The Briggs & Stratton local racing engine is rev limited @6100 rpm. 8.5 horsepower out of the box with lots of torque.

Delivery Available Australia wide