Clone gx style performance engine short block #3

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Performance short block kit #3 Clone OHV type engine includes
When increasing the performance of any engine there are parts that are required to increase power & safety Aussiespeed Small Engine Performance offer build your own engine kits that include parts required to build your performance small engine.
Our Clone Performance Short Block Package #3 includes
New engine block & side cover.
side plate bolts, seals & bearing.
new crankshaft, bearings, crankshaft gear & keyways.
AussieSpeed Evil Stick Camshaft stage 5 camshaft, lifters & matching dual valve springs,collets & retainers.
Must be used with after market valves that use automotive style 2 piece valve locks

cnc machined billet aluminum conrod & bearing.

Billet CNC high rpm flywheel

Piston, rings,pin & retaining clip.

AS0233 engine base plate mount that reduces engine block flex with high output engines

This is an ideal upgrade or alternative to rebuilding your old engine.

This short block kit is supplied unassembled for the DIY engine builder.