Subaru EX21,KX21 go kart header pipe, muffler + mount kit chrome


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Aussiespeed Subaru KX21 4 stroke chrome plated Gokart engine performance header pipe part number AS0284C + Aussiespeed AS0280C-32 long series 2 piece muffler includes 2 connecting springs to connect the header pipe to the muffler plus AS0310C rear bumper mounting kit to support the long series Aussiespeed muffler . This press bend header pipe suits subaru go kart engines & increases performance & torque for use on road type courses where rpm varies. The AussieSpeed Subaru go kart engine header pipe has a fully welded spring coupler for easy fitment of AussieSpeed AS0280C long muffler.

This is a full exhaust system including muffler mount for Subaru ex17, ex19,ex21, ex27 & kx21.