subaru kx21 manifold to PZ22 Animal carb curved


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Subaru kart engine kx21 performance upgrade curved inlet manifold allows for bolt up fitment of PZ22 Animal walbro slide carburettor to subaru ex21 or kx21 4 stroke engines. The Aussiespeed AS0282 manifold includes 2 mounting studs, washers & flange nuts.
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The PZ22 carburettor will need the float height set when it is installed with this manifold. In the past we have used the following settings with a flat engine mount and had good results, It may not be 100% right in your application but might be a good starting point due to the carb mounting flat.
Float height 22mm 23mm,23.5mm,24mm
Float drop 24mm
mixture screw 1.5 turns out.

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