KX21 Subaru Performance Grind Camshaft


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Aussiespeed are known for not just small engines but high performance automotive engine parts as well. It took a few years but we have now released a replacement performance grind camshaft for KX21 engines that makes the best use of the valve train and shared lobe of the KX21 engine. The Evil Stick 337+1 is designed to unleash the power of your KX21 engine. The performance grind camshaft will increase the power across the rev range and still uses the standard single valve spring.This camshaft has longer duration to hold the valves open longer to maximise cylinder fill to deliver good power & torque from around 2000 rpm to 5000 rpm. It still incorperates the compression release and is ground on a brand new camshaft core. Always fit new valve springs & an Aluminum flywheel is also recommended. An upgrade of the factory style exhaust is also highly recommended.


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