Honda & Clone performance big valve + Hardware & Single Spring Kit

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GX Honda & Clone big valve & hardware kit includes swirl polished intake valve x1 with a 27mm head & Exhaust Valve x1 24mm head this big valve kit allows you to use the largest valve in a standard type cylinder head without replacing the valve seat. These valves must be used with Aussiespeed performance collets & retainers part number AS0340 & AS0341 These retainers suit single valve springs..Included in the kit is

1x inlet valve 27mm head AS0338

1x exhaust valve 24mm head AS0339

2x performance retainers alloy retainers for single springs AS0340

2x pairs of hardened steel collets AS0341

1x pair 10.8lbs extreme duty valve springs AS0377

When it comes to matching springs with you cam more seat pressure doesnt mean more performance. Excessive seat pressure can lead to camshaft & valve failure and can also limit engine rpm. Our camshaft & valve springs are available in matched sets to give you maximum performance & peak engine RPM.



Always re check valve clearances after installing & running an engine with new valve springs

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