go kart off road dirt kart rim & tyre package


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Go kart hard compound kart tyres & Australian made go kart rims in 6 inch diameter. Bearing mount super off set front wheels with 11 inch tall & 5 1/2 inch wide tyres for extra ground clearance,The rear go kart dirt tires are 12 inches tall x 9 inches wide & are supplied on 8″ wide bolt on 3 bolt style Australian made go kart rims. If you want to use a bitumen or dirt as a fun kart on a dirt track these are the tyres for you.
You will receive.
4 new Australian made go kart rims
2 front 11 inch tall dirt tyres
2 rear 12 inch tall dirt tyres
front rubber sealed bearings
4 tyre valves
all fitted ready to bolt on..
Not due to the extra height of the rear tyres additional teeth may be needed on the rear sprocket to retain the same final drive ratio.

Retired dirt racing speedway go kart fitted with off road rim & tyre package. the kart is now used for off road dirt paddock tracks as a fun kart. the rim & tyre package give extra ground clearance