Animal Performance Intake Manifold by Aussiespeed

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AussieSpeed developed the AS0206 to move the carburettor on the Briggs & Stratton Animal engine away from the rear tyre.while repositioning the carb an increase in horse power & torque was also discovered. the venturi shaped inlet runner boosts airspeed & produces more torque, horse power & throttle response. The intake manifold in its standard form is capable of 11.5 horse power with standard valves, factory carburettor & the right profile after market camshaft.With more engine modifications & additional porting higher figures can be achieved. The manifold has been used on quarter midgets, go karts, twin engine endurance karts & fun karts.
briggs animal mini bike engine
The PZ22 carburettor will need the float height set when it is installed with this manifold. In the past we have used the following settings with a flat engine mount and had good results, It may not be 100% right in your application but might be a good starting point due to the carb mounting flat.
Float height 22mm 23mm,23.5mm,24mm
Float drop 24mm
mixture screw 1.5 turns out.

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