Genuine Honda GX Info

Honda GX series kart engines have been used by Gokart Hire Tracks, Teka Endurance Racing and Pro Kart, Due to many production changes in the Honda GX engine line up to meet emissions & specifications for industrial use world wide as the Honda engine was designed for commercial and industrial use. When it comes to quality and comparison many manufactures through Asia may have reverse engineered the GX Honda engine but the quality is no where the same. From the quality of castings, tensile strength of bolts the clone is no where the same quality of the genuine Honda product.
Pictured is a genuine Honda GX200 6.5 Horsepower engine
Any modified engine should always be fitted with a high rpm rated flywheel, Aussiespeed small engine offer both Dyno Cams & ARC performance flywheels
Aussiespeed Small Engine Performance offer up grade cylinder heads for Honda GX series engines, these are ported, revised compression and combustion chamber size, high quality stainless steel valves, performance valve springs are just some of the items used in our performance cylinder heads.

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