go kart oil catch can aluminum small 1/4 breather AS0443p-k&n



Go kart engine breather catch can, a high revving engine needs to get rid of pressure from the crank case.high crankcase pressures can cause oil leaks & have negative effect on engines running vacuum reference fuel pumps. Note the hose is not a tight fit as the engine needs to breath,
 Light weight Australian made aluminum can is supplied with 1piece of breather  tube , 1x 1/4 drain fitting, 1 straight 1/4 fitting to suit the, K&N 1/4  vented breather cap worm drive clamps for easy mounting on your kart seat strut.  We supply a reusable genuine k&n cotton breather, WE DO NOT SUPPLY CHEAP NYLON CHINESE KNOCK OFFS.
Clear hose is designed to go over the rocker cover hose and into the top of the can.